Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Busy

Things have been so busy lately. The house is coming along well, we got all the carpeted areas painted (although the extra bedroom could use a second coat) and the new carpet in. And it looks great! We wondered why the previous owner didn't have the place painted and carpeted, he could have sold this place for much more that way, but all the better for us I suppose!

We are loving the backyard. Our neighbors a few houses down gave us a swing set that they have been storing under their deck for a few years. But it's really nice, and the girls love it. And so do the neighbor kids! Tessa has some cute little friends that live next door and another friend that lives up the hill behind us. She will hear them outside and go running to the back door saying "My friends are here! Let's go outside!" They all have fun, even though Tessa does get a little shy, she loves having them over to play in the backyard.

Speaking of the backyard, Tessa almost picked up a garden snake the other day. I think it may have taken a year off my life! We were walking into the neighbors backyard to go pet their cat, and all of a sudden we both notice a small movement next to her in the grass. She immediately starts to reach down to pick it up, I grabbed her and jerked her back and probably let out some sort of scream/yell/gasp, it all happened so fast I can't be sure what really came out of my mouth. Then she says, "oh, a snake, let's go touch it" Noooooooo! The previous day we had been to the pet store, and looked at snakes through the glass, so she thinks all snakes are ok. I know it's just a garden snake, but I had to tell her that we don't touch snakes that live outside. They can be mean so we just look from a distance. Again she asked to touch it, and I have a feeling she may be learning a lesson about touching snakes someday... I am glad at this moment that I have a girl and not a boy, because a boy would be picking it up and bringing it home!! After we walked away, the neighbors cat took off after the snake into the tall grass out in the field behind us. I am glad that they have a cat to patrol our house for snakes and mice so that we don't have to get one.

Anyways, we love the house. We love the neighborhood. We love our neighbors. We love the new Walmart down the street. We love having a garage. We are really happy, really busy, but really happy :)