Sunday, July 26, 2009

It Is Time

It is time that Tessa learned to use the potty. We had our last straw yesterday. She woke up from her nap, and went into our room. I walked in and saw her squatting over, I asked what she was doing (knowing what she was doing), and asked her if she wanted to go sit on the potty. She of course screams NO, and so I told her to let me know when she was done so we could change her diaper. Well, she come out of the room about 3 mins later, holding her poopy diaper in her hands. This is about the 20th time she has done this, taken off her diaper. A few times, she has taken it off, went to the toilet and tossed the poop in, then flushed it away. So, if she is wise enough to do this, then she is totally wise enough to just poop on the potty, she is just playing us!

See, people keep telling me that she will use the potty when she is ready to use it, but this taking off the diaper thing is IT, I mean, she OBVIOUSLY knows what is going on. She always goes to hide to poop, and as soon as she is finished, she wants to be changed. So, Kirk and I decided that today is the day, she is all done with diapers, I don't care if she pees her pants till she is 5, she has to figure it out sometime, I am just hoping that sometime is sooner than later! (but I am not going to hold my breath).

The problem we have in our household, is potty resistance. Tessa knows what the potty is all about, she knows we toss our poop in there after she dirties a diaper, she knows Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and everyone in the world uses a potty, she just doesn't want to sit on it. She wants to flush it, and throw TP in it, and all the fun stuff :) but she doesn't want to sit on it.

So far today, we have had about 6 pee accidents, no successes, but thats ok, because she is sitting on it. We set a timer, usually around 15-20 mins, and when it goes off, we sit and "try". If we try, and our panties are dry, then we get a candy. If our panties get wet and then we "practice", there is no candy for wet panties.

I am prepared to wipe up pee for about a month or so, I am totally calm and just told Kirk that in a month or so, we need to have our brand new carpets professionally cleaned! Haha.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Daddy and Tessa flying kites in the backyard.

Daddy hard at work!

Mommy and the Girls on Easter Day.

They looked so cute in matching dresses! Thanks Grandma!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!


Snacktime, sharing grahams.


Tessa says, "I got her!" Better hold on tight Tessa!

Our future cowgirls.

Another cowgirl and her Daddy.

Swingin' time.

Playing with our friend R.

They had so much fun playing together.

Ashleys first stroller ride without the carseat to sit in.
Her coat is so puffy that she can't even move!

I love this picture and this hat. This was the begining of Jan.

Our family, minus Daddy who is the photographer!

See, I said I had pictures going back forever. Here is Christmas after Santa Claus came.
We used large boxes and stacked the presents up really high so that it looks impressive in the morning.
It helps that our tree is only a tiny little thing!

I am also going to do a post of each girl seprately for the past few months. It's fun to see them grow and change. Look for that in the coming days......

Long Time

It has been forever since I have posted anything. I have a bizilloin pictures to post, all the way back to Easter. So, I will start working on that this week, I think it might take a while, I haven't even went through them since uploading yet.

We have been busy lately with lots of family time. Kirk's family were here in Utah for a family reunion about 3 weeks ago. It was really nice to see everyone, we had a lot of fun visiting and playing games. It has been a while since his entire family has been together. We went up to his sister Vonda's cabin for 5 days, the kids had so much fun. I am really excited for Tessa, for her growing up with cousins close in age. For one year, from Oct. to Oct., there were 4 kids born. Olivia in Oct, Aiden in April, Tessa in July, and Erin in Oct again. They are going to have so much fun playing as they grow up together. I have such fond memories of playing with my cousins that were close in age. There are 5 of us within a 3 year spread, and we always had a ton of fun playing. Ashley also should have fun, she is right in the middle of Sadie and Ian, so that make those 3 within a year-n-half of each other. Also on my side, my step-sister has a boy KC that is 1 year older than Tessa, and she has a little girl Kennedy that is 3 months younger than Ashley. So that is nice. I think they are done having kids, so any more that we have will probably have to play amongst themselves. (When I say more, I mean only a couple more!)

Anyways, we had a great time hanging out with the family. We played probably about 18 hours worth of CatchPhrase! It was a lot of fun, we got to the point were we had went through all the answers, so now I don't think Kirk and I can ever play it again because now we know all the words!

After we got back from the reunion, my mom came to visit for a week. That was really nice, the girls loved it! Tessa loves grandma, she was so excited to see her. We went to the dinosour museum, had Tessa's 3rd birthday party, did some shopping and lots of playing! It was nice that in our new home Grandma gets her own room, in our old place, grandma had to share with Tessa, so that was always a little crowded. Grandma had so much fun, she wants to come out for Ashley's birthday next month too!

Right before the reunion, we finished our basement. That was a project, but it is done now and I love it! It's one of my favorite parts of the house, it's so cool down here, and the rooms are big. Right now Tessa is in the play room playing dollhouse, she has everything spread out and she loves it.

So that is what we have been up too. Now it's time to take a little bit relaxing and have a mini break from fixing up the house. Although the list is long, we are just enjoying for the moment.