Friday, December 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know, I know. Finally. Halloween. Yes, it is Dec 3, but better late than never.
Grandma came to visit over Halloween. You know, to potty train Tessa.
Grandma was a queen and passed out candy to the few children who braved
the downpour outside. But we were a few of those kids who got soaked.

Family of cowpokes. The hats actually helped a lot with the rain.

Taking a cookie break after trick-or-treating main st. friday afternoon.

Yee-haw says Jessie the cowgirl!

Cowgirls forever!

Went to visit Daddy for lunch and then feed the ducks, one of our
FAVORITE activities!

Tessa going to a dress-up bday party.
Very excited to wear her costume for the first time.

Girls by the firetruck that was parked on Main St.
for the trick-or-treating. They look so tiny!

Cowgirls with a little friend at the pumpkin walk.

An educational experiance with Daddy learning about the yucky
insides of a pumpkin. They were not overly excited to pull all
the stringys and seeds out.

Wanna-be cowgirl! Ashley trying out her new hat!

The girls loved halloween and got lots of candy because the few houses we went to were very generous because of the rain. But what really matters is that they looked super cute!