Friday, December 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know, I know. Finally. Halloween. Yes, it is Dec 3, but better late than never.
Grandma came to visit over Halloween. You know, to potty train Tessa.
Grandma was a queen and passed out candy to the few children who braved
the downpour outside. But we were a few of those kids who got soaked.

Family of cowpokes. The hats actually helped a lot with the rain.

Taking a cookie break after trick-or-treating main st. friday afternoon.

Yee-haw says Jessie the cowgirl!

Cowgirls forever!

Went to visit Daddy for lunch and then feed the ducks, one of our
FAVORITE activities!

Tessa going to a dress-up bday party.
Very excited to wear her costume for the first time.

Girls by the firetruck that was parked on Main St.
for the trick-or-treating. They look so tiny!

Cowgirls with a little friend at the pumpkin walk.

An educational experiance with Daddy learning about the yucky
insides of a pumpkin. They were not overly excited to pull all
the stringys and seeds out.

Wanna-be cowgirl! Ashley trying out her new hat!

The girls loved halloween and got lots of candy because the few houses we went to were very generous because of the rain. But what really matters is that they looked super cute!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A New Addition

We are increasing our family. By two-fold.

Two new girls. We are using the names Shelly and Goldie, and they look beautiful. Very similar to this picture below! (because I am not going to try and photograph our fish when I don't even post pics of my own kids very often!)

These are Tessa's fish for using the potty! Because I would LOVE to change fish water
instead of diapers!

Scream It From the Rooftop

It happened. It finally happened. I thought it would never ever happen, and I had no idea on how to change it, for every idea Kirk and I had ever had were total flops. But the sweet precious day finally came. And who knew all it would take is a visit from Grandma and a pop-up castle.
But it's here and glorious!
Tessa is potty trained!
That's right, it only took 4 1/2 years, but she's going like a pro, and since last Thursday has had no pee-pee accidents and has conquered the #2 situation well.
So, here I am screaming from the rooftop...
Glory Glory Hallelujah! She is using the potty!
Thank you Grandma, we love you even more!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did you make your bed?

I did!

Well, I made Tessa's bed, not as in fix the blankets, but actually made the bed, painted, sanded, screwed together, etc. And we love it! Tessa picked pink, of course!

And the best part is, it was simple. I went to HD, picked out the board listed in my shopping list, asked them to cut them, which they did, and didn't charge me for :) Then I loaded it all up in my car trunk, went home, got out my cordless drill, and put the bed together, which really only took about 3-4 hours, but this was my first project, so it took a little longer to figure everything out. Now I wish I could say the finishing, you know, the filling of screw holes, sanding, painting, sanding again, painting again, etc only took a few hours, but that would be a lie! This part is a little time consuming becasue you have to wait between each coat/layer, so that means you can only do a little bit each day (I still have kids to pay attention to, you know).

Wonder how I did all this, check out the toddler bed on Knock-Off Wood, my favorite website ever.

Oh, and I also built this table from my neighbors old fence they were ripping out, but I will do a post about it seperately sometime soon!

And the quality assurance team gave it a thumbs up!

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You know you have children when...

You know you have children when you are watching TV with your husband, sharing a bag of chips together, and you reach in for a chip and pull out a plastic toy baby bottle instead. Hm, I am thinking maybe Kirk and I are not the only ones in this house that like chips!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Swingset Giveaway!!!

Serious. They are really giving away a swingset, valued at $340. Go check it out either here. Ends tomorrow night Thursday at midnight. So hurry!!!
Fun huh???

Monday, July 12, 2010

Daddy's Office

We put both girls into the same room a few weeks ago, it is going good. They have finally become accustomed to each other and I think enjoy the set up. So the other bedroom has become Kirk's office. And how does he enjoy his office, let's see...










I think he is enjoying it! I love you Kirk!

Tessa is 4

My dear sweet little girl is growing up. She is now officially 4 years old (and not potty-trained, but we aren't talking about that right now). We had a backyard water party for her bday on Saturday, she loved it. So with that, let the pictures begin...
Blowing out her candles. We had everyone help in the end because
she just wasn't getting it done!
Singing Happy Birthday Song! Look at all the candy, we totally filled these kids up
with sugar and then sent them on their way :)
I love decorating a fun cake for the kids. I want them to always have a f
un and memorable cake, every year. (yes I have issues).

Tessa being grateful for her gifts. I just hope she is always
kind and grateful as she gets older.
This is her friend that used to live next door, they played
all the time last summer on the swingset.
We miss having her next door, she is such a sweet girl.

Group shot with their cool new shades!
We played the "go fishing" game with the sheet behind them.
They all got new sunglasses (that are heart shaped because I bought them
after Valentines day for 75% off for the summer bdays we have!)

Get the candy!!!

Tessa taking a wack at the homemade fish pinata.
I forgot to take photos as I made it, but it was totally easy
and I will probably be making one for Ashley's bday also.
Just a few layers (4) of newspaper dipped in flour paste
to cover a balloon. It probably took a total of 2-3 hours over
a couple of days time. Like the paint?? I was going for cheap
or free with this thing, and this was the only color I had besides
white and black spray paint! but hey, it's simmery!

Ashley's turn!

Bubble snakes. The kids had a lot of fun with this one. Except
both boys sucked in bubbles, and I think one might have puked
a little...opps. It's just a water bottle with the bottom cut off
and a washcloth rubberbanded around the opening. Then dip
in bubble solution or dishsoap water and blow, but only blow
and don't suck, as the boys learned!!

Having a blast with friends!

The pool at the bottom of the slide, this was daddy's idea,
and it was the hit of the party! This is a picture of our
cousin Olivia, I couldn't get on of Tessa because she only
did it once, little chicken girl :)

Tessa, we love you and wish you would stop growing so that you can be my little girl forever :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010


What is it about dirt piles that children love? Dirt piles seem to have a gravitational pull on kids. Every kid I know loves to just sit and play in the dirt and make mud pies and build dirt hills. At least I know mine do, they are out in the yard right now as I type spreading dirt around, dumping it in Rosco's water, and pretty much just getting dirty. And I can visually remember making mud pies in little blue plastic plates when I was little, then slicing them up and pretending to eat "pie".
Now that I am grown up, I guess I just don't understand anymore the hours of fun that are to be had sitting in a pile of dirt.
I wish I knew where my camera was so I could take a picture of them, Tessa and Ashley and Rosco, all sitting out in the shade in Rosco's relaxing spot playing away. The best part is that there aren't any toys to fight over, just dirt and sticks, so there is no fighting and crying. It's precious.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Baby

What happened to my little baby?

She grew up, very quickly it seems.

I downloaded pics today and just wanted to share this one really quickly because it caught my eye and I realized that Ashley is no longer a chubby little baby, she is a thinning out toddler who is learning new words everyday and climbing anything she can and is just getting so big.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A few pictures

I am just gonna post a few random pics for fun.
These are from this past winter, sledding in the backyard.

Ashley couldn't even sit up because of all the clothes!! haha

Just chilling together with cookies!

Good Times

I wanted to share a few good times we have had lately, and what we have been up to, since I never blog anymore.

*Ashley is getting sooo big, her little round baby face is beginning to become more slender and she is looking more and more like a little girl instead of a baby *sigh* She is talking so much more. Last Friday night I heard a first sentence from her. "That's funny Dad!" as kirk was tickling her. Today she came up to me and said "Wheres binky at?", to which I said "Where did you put it?", and she follows up with "I don't know." and walks away calling to her binky. Crazy, huh? Told you she is getting big.

*I have began babysitting Kirk's niece a while back, and Tessa and her have a fun time playing and make-believing. One of the favorite "games" is Penny and Bolt. Tessa is typically Bolt because she LOVES pretending to be a dog.

*We had blue stakes come yesterday to mark our yard for power lines and gas and whatnot, so we can start working on the fence for our backyard (Ashley and Rosco are both wanderers, Tessa we have luckily scared to death of the street). That will be our summer project, well, mostly Kirks :) and mine is going to be painting the kitchen cabinets. Also, we are going to lay a new kitchen floor (thanks dad) later in the summer after all the cabinet painting is done. I think both the fence and cabinets will be quite large, long projects for us!

*I had a birthday last week. I am now 29, gulp, my last year in my twenties. It was nice, we went out with the kids on Thursday night to IHOP (we had good coupons and kids eat free after 4 pm) and then Saturday night Kirk and I went out. We went up to draper area to do some shopping at the stores I love (Tai Pan Trading anyone??) and grabbed dinner at Panda Express, which I LOVE. It was really nice to be out going somewhere I have been wanting to go forever and getting yummy food WITHOUT the kids. For my birthday, Kirk got me a jig-saw, which may seem odd, but I have been wanting to get one, and it tells me something very important: Kirk is ok with me starting some of the Knock-Off Wood projects!!! Plus, I have some kitchen chairs to redo (shoot, I shoulda had kirk and I go to the fabric store for my bday!) that need new seats cut out using a jigsaw. Also, we found a nice used bike online for me, so that's also a bday present for me, it will be nice to all ride to the park this summer and for me to get some exercise.

*I have lost some more weight, not as fast as I was, but still losing so that's good. My total loss so far is approximately 18 lbs. And, I have now noticed that clothes are getting loose. It's nice to finally really notice and I even bought some new jeans a few weeks ago, and I bought them in a size smaller than I was wearing. yeah!

I think this will be all for now, but I do have Easter post to make. We took the girls to the city Easter egg hunt last Saturday, too funny, they loved it. I need to download the video camera card and show you all how funny it was!