Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Days

Well, it's been a while since I updated our blog. We haven't had anything too exciting happen around here. Tessa did go swimming for the first time this summer last week. We had a playdate with the girls and their little ones from my bunco group. At first, she wasn't so sure about the water; she clung for dear life to my swimsuit, and I clung to my swimsuit too, hoping she wouldn't rip it off with her deathgrip. But after 20 minutes or so, she calmed down a bit, and I pulled her around in the water and she really enjoyed it. So, next week, she starts her own little swimming lessons. We will see how that goes...

I gave Kirk a haircut last night. He is tired of paying when I have a pair of capable hands that could cut it for free (well, he might have to tip)! So, we gave it a try. And, surprisingly, it turned out quiet well, or so he said. I was about half way through, and I stopped to think about what to cut next, when he asked if I was finished. I laughed and said no, and I asked if a normal haircutter would be done, and he said yeah, it would of been finished by then! But all good things take time. So, guess Kirk has a new stylist now, so next time you see him, tell him how great his hair looks!

This upcoming weekend we have a mini-reunion with Kirks family. It should be fun. It's nice that Tessa is getting big enough to play with the other cousins. On Kirks side, there are a lot of cousins. There are 4 of them all born within a year of each other, so that's really nice for her. Anyways, it should be fun. Check back next week for the details.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lagoon Day

Tessa LOVED the boat ride. She rode it 3 times. We stood in line 3 times. And it is a sloooow line. But it was so cute to watch her "drive" the boat and ring the bell. On the boats, again. But this time with an older boy :)
She also rode the Carousal a few times. At the end of the night, Daddy was standing in line for the carousal, and Tessa and I were heading over to join him. We had to walk past the ride to get in line, and Tessa just started crying and wouldn't walk anymore. I bent down and asked her what was wrong, and all she said was "Horsey". I asked her if she wanted to ride the horsies again, and she lit up. She was sooo excited to go again. So maybe she will be a cowgirl afterall.

Tessa petting the horse...

Tessa riding on the whale ride. She wasn't so sure about this at first, but warmed up quickly after she saw us waving and laughing. The funny part is that she is the only kid on the ride, so that really made her nervous!

Savvy Shopper

So, I am so proud of myself. I went grocery shopping last night with a friend. I had about 14 rain checks to Albertsons. All of them for a 10 for $10 deal. So, my friend and I shared them, and shared coupons. And we totally got the best deals of my life. We bought about 70 boxes of cereal, 10 cans of croissants, 17 lbs. of chicken, and 4 chips and salsa. AND, we only paid $88 for all of it! I have never been so happy walking out of a grocery store! This was my best coupon shopping day ever. Just in case, if you live in the Utah area, the website to check out that all my great info comes from is and it is great. Anyways, I told Kirk I would blog about this, and I believe he thinks I am nuts, but I am just so proud.

Friday, June 6, 2008


These pics are a couple weeks old, but it was so funny...

Loves her Cheetos...

And always shares with her Best Friend Rosco...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nic's Farewell

Nic and I have been through so much. It is sad to see him go. But he is in a better place, a much better place.

Just in case you don't know, Nic is my horse. The one guy I have always loved, before Kirk, of course! In the past few years, I knew it was going to happen, that our time together was growing short. And the day finally came, last week, that we signed the Bill of Sale. Yep, after 13 years, Nic has a new owner.

He now belongs to a very nice 20 year old guy in Provo. And he is an uptown horse now, in his new ritzy stables. I told Kirk that I wouldn't mind living in one of the barns there, that place is very nice. And it is right against the mountain, so they can go out riding on the foothills anytime. I am happy for him though, he needed a new, younger owner to take him out galloping into the sunset, for that is what Nic loved most, running as fast as he can. Now that I am in Mommy-zone, I can't be doing that. I need a nice slow horse that Tessa can learn to ride on, you know, the type of horse that only walks and might get up to a trot if seriously urged to. So, we will begin the search for that horse next spring, after Girl #2 comes out and I recover! But I will miss Nic. I'm just glad he's in a better place.