Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Words

Ashley has finally spoken, and it's a real word. Yes, she does say the "bye-bye", "uh-ohs" and whatnot, but she also has her first actual word. Get ready for this, ok, you are ready?? She screams, yes, screams the word "Quiet!" Haha!

There is one particular family member she is directing this to, and you guessed it, it's Rosco. She stands at the glass door screaming Quiet! when he is barking. Sometimes not even when he is barking, just because she sees him. And who would you guess is right next to her yelling it also, yes it is Tessa. I typically tell Rosco "that's enough, no barking" or just knock on the door/window. But not Tessa and Ashley! Ashley actually says it anytime she is around Rosco or if she hears the neighbors dog barking, she hurries over to the window to yell "quiet". And sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night, and we hear her saying very loudly "quiet"! Too funny. In fact, the other day, I had the laptop out, and she desperately wanted it. But then she heard the neighbors dog, and quickly crawled over to the window so she could yell "quiet", so cute.

And to top it off, tonight I was telling Rosco to sit while I put her pajamas on, and I swear she said "sit" also, like 3 times. So I will be listening for that one too.

Does this mean my darling is destined to be a dog trainer?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's my Girl

At the birthday party, they only offered sodas to drink. So I grabbed Tessa a sprite. As I sat down at the table, I explained that we don't give our kids soda and that this would be Tessa's first real soda, all for herself. Well, she took a sip and said "I don't like this water." Yeah!!!! That's the girl I have been dreaming of!!! I know, some people think it's totally crazy that we don't offer soda to the kids, and someday she will like soda, but for now, she doesn't need it (no one needs it) and she can have juice and milk and water instead. I love this little girl!

A few days later, we went to the Pollo Loco (my new favorite place), and they have strawberry soda, so I got Tessa a little bit. One sip, and she says "I don't like this. It's yucky." Bless her! :)

Happy Birthday Isaac

Tessa was invited to a birthday party for her little friend Isaac. I decided to make him a super hero cape. I have never made a cape before, and I wanted his name on it. So, I got really crafty and made my own "patches" for the cape. My stitching isn't the best, but I hope he likes it. Tessa wore it for quite a while the day before his party, so at least I know she loves it!

I used super thick iron on interfacing to make my letters and star. Then I stitched them on the fabric, which didn't turn out as well as I had in mind, which is why I am not posting that picture! I used Word to make my letter patterns. So, I thought it turned out pretty good for a first try, I just hope he enjoys it!

Isaacs party was a blast too. It was held at Thanksgiving Point at the Barnyard. We saw the animals and fed them corn, got our face painted, had the chance to ride the ponies (which Tessa declined, oddly enough since we OWN horses), went for a wagon ride pulled by the tractor, got a personal time with a cute little pony just for the party kids, played some games, and had pizza and cake and ice cream. It was a lot of fun, 3 hours worth and the kids loved it!

Ashley's first sucker! She loved it!
We have darling children, I must say!

Our wagon ride. Ashley is now eyeing the candy cup!

Tessa had so much fun, she even sat on the cow!

It was such a cute little pony, until one little girl didn't hold her hand flat to feed it and it bit her finger, then everyone got a little apprehensive.


Kirk surprised me with a night out on Oct. 2. He told me a month ahead of time to block that night out for our date. All month I kept trying to guess what he had planned. Then, the day before our date, he told me what it was, only because it was like snowing up in the mountains and super cold. He scheduled tickets to the full moon night ride on the lifts at Sundance Resort. It was really fun, great to be out together ALONE and have time to talk and laugh and not sing Sally the Camel or The Ants go Marching while passing crackers to the backseat. We, well I, wore so much clothing because of the weather that we kept warm but kinda ruined the romantic holding-hands-and-kissing-on-the-swing part. Thank you Kirk for such a great time!!!

As you can see, I stayed very warm!

Baby Legs

I have been trying to be crafty lately. I got out the sewing machine one day, because I needed to do something for me. So, I whipped out some leg-warmers for the girls. So totally cute!

This is the first pair I made, ages ago. Look how little Ashley was!
I have been wanting to make more ever since this day, but then the house
sold and life got busy and it just wasn't time for sewing.

A close up view. Darling with cute little skirts!


Tessa got her first black eye a few weeks ago. She was running around the kitchen table while I finished up feeding Ashley, and she wasn't looking where she was going, tripped on a chair, and then hit another chair with her eye. It was like watching those 30 second video clips of a plant growing over a months span; it turned purple and blue within 30 seconds, right in front of my eyes. Amazing. Poor girl, it really hurt her, and we had to get out the frozen corn bag to ice it. I am just glad I took away the fork I hadn't noticed she carried the first time around the table!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I know, I know...

It's about time I added some cuteness to our blog. And don't worry, I will try to update our picture sometime too, since it is only 2 years old!

Take a Walk

Ashley has taken her first steps!

Sunday evening, I was on the phone with my mom, fixing dinner. Kirk and the kids are in the living room. Suddenly, Kirk yells at me "Ashley's walking!" And she was! She would take a few steps to us, and then we would turn her around and she would go back to the other person. Well, this continued for a bit, and then we had dinner and went to the neighbors for a little 3 yr old birthday party. And Ashley kept walking! She probably took about 35 steps that entire night. At one point, she was walking across the room, fell down, stood back up with out touching anything, and just kept walking on! It was like she has known how to walk for ever, and just finally showed us that she knows how. It was super exciting!

Now, she hasn't walked much since, just here and there, she is a much faster crawler and just prefers whatever way lets her keep up best!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I just need it to be written that I very much love my husband. He is wonderful. He is an awesome daddy and the best husband ever. I love you Kirk!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Got Milk?

Ashley is showing signs of being lactose intolerant, not severely, but when she has had milk or yougurt or even just regular milk based formula, she is up screaming a few times a night. Ugh. I NEVER thought I would have an intolerant kid, because I drink like 2 gallons a week, just by myself, I LOVE milk. So, we have always bought her sensitive formula, which is a little bit more expensive, but she does well with it. The doc suggested that we get her some goats milk, or soy milk. I tried the soy, but she was still fussy a bit, so I tried goat milk, which she seems to really enjoy. Maybe the soy trial went along with teething that week or something, so we might give it another try in a week or so, because, get this, FORMULA IS CHEAPER THAN GOATS MILK! I added it up last night, and we get about 50 more ounces of milk for our $15 with formula than goat milk. Arg!!! I thought when Ashley turned 1 we would switch over to milk for $1.50 a gallon and be saving tons of money, and now, the formula will continue I suppose. So much for saving money, but I it's worth the extra $$ it if my baby will sleep at night and be happy!