Thursday, March 4, 2010

Progress: Week 5 and 6

It has been hard lately. All I want is Chocolate! And, I haven't really lost any more weight, I am hoovering around the 14 lbs loss for all 6 weeks. But, I haven't gained any, so that is the positive! Sometimes I just don't know what to do about the chocolate thing though, because if I have a little, then I just want MORE! So, I try not to have any, but sometimes it's a killer. So, I try mint gum, mints, water. Not helping :( I did find some absolutely wonderful chocolate ice cream bars, from the skinny cow, that are only 100 cals and are called chocolate truffle bars! But then the only eating one problem kicks up, ugh. (at least they only have 6 per box, haha)

Today I had some redhots when I was wanting a sweet snack, seemed to help throw me out of the funk a little, but still the thoughts remain in the back of my head that we DO have chocolate chips in the cabinet (which I have not/will not open, I promise). So, instead I might go have another bowl of zero-point soup, yummy :)

Progress for weeks 5 and 6: no new loss
Total loss: 14 lbs.