Sunday, October 19, 2008

Growing So Fast

Ashley LOVES her binky!

And I mean really really loves it!

Time goes by sooo fast. It's crazy. Ashley will be 2 months old this week. She is getting so big so fast. I weighed her (and myself...eek) last week, and she came in at 10 and a half pounds. I'm not going to tell you what I came in at!

Ashley is fun. She is going to be a happy little girl, she smiles so much now and has started batting at hanging toys. She has began rolling over, from her stomach to her back. Tessa didn't do this till she was like 8 months old or something, she was a lazy baby, she never even crawled, she just hated her stomach! But Ashley loves it. I try to give her "tummy time", but she just lays there on her stomach and falls asleep, happy as can be!

Her are a few pics of Ashley and Tessa...

Watching TV, Tessa's favorite pastime.

Tessa is a very hands-on and up-close kinda sister.


Traci said...

Ashley is so cute!! Ana does the same thing as Tessa, she has to get right up to Peni's face! I can't believe Ashley is already rolling, she going to be a fast learner!!

Kathy said...

Ashley is a very pretty girl already! And I love that little dress--could it be mommy's favorite? The pics are great! Keep up the great postings!

Johnson Family said...

The girls are so cute. Ashley has gotten so big. I love your pics!!

Heather said...

your girls are adorable! i agree with you though..time goes by way to fast!