Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Under Contract!

Yea, we are under contract, as of tomorrow morning! We are so excited to be selling the house. So, now we need to start looking for an apt (most likely) so that we have a place to live while we do our NEW HOUSE HUNT!!! Really I am just happy to be under contract so I don't have to keep making this place spic and span and keep hiding things so that people can walk through it every week. (I do like to keep the house somewhat clean on an everyday basis, don't get me wrong, but when buyers walk through, you can't believe how much stuff I can hide under our bed and how many clean clothes I have shoved back into the dryer because they hadn't been folded yet (I wonder how many sellers do that?, I am going to look into some dryers when we go look at houses!! haha)).

So I have been wanting to post some new pics of the girls and some videos, but we have been having computer issues lately and I haven't downloaded any pics recently due to the issues (Kirk has had to change out the hard drive and it is still a little funky, I don't really know a lot about it). But hopefully soon it will all be better and we will do an picture update.

Since I have no pictures, just let me tell you about our 4 month check-up. My darling sweet little Ashley weighed in at 16 lbs 4 oz and is 25 inches long(90 percentile on both)! That means she has gained almost 10 lbs since she was born! It really shouldn't have shocked me so much since she eats ALL the time, like still sometimes twice a night, ugh :( But she's healthy and very happy, that's what matters. And everyday her hand-eye coordination gets a little bit better, it's fun to watch her grow!

Tessa is growing fast too. She is getting smart, smart, smart. She knows how to work the system, and it's driving me nuts. I know I have to be consistent in discipline, but sometimes it would just be sooo much easier to give in to make her quiet... if only that would work. So I just walk away from her fits and tantrums, hoping the lack of attention will make her stop. We will see... I tried potty training last week. I believe that potty training may be the death of me. I decided to do a "naked day" for Tessa, because if she is naked, she doesn't pee, but as soon as she has a diaper on, she pees. So, I thought naked was the way to go. Um, wrong. After 5 accidents in a row, and not a single success, I called it quits. She would be sooo good for like an hour, and then I would not be looking for 1-2 minutes (like going to pick Ashley up from her nap), and come back in the room and she would be standing there with wet feet saying "I pee-peed". No Kidding. I think I am a fairly patient mom, but that about took me over the edge. Thank you Kirk for coming home at lunch time to help calm me down!

Anyways, back to my original thoughts, We are Under Contract, Hurray!


Jared & Tracee said...

So does that mean you will be leaving us? I hope not!!! That's so funny about Tessa, and the "naked day"! Hope she finds the motivation soon for your sake!

Johnson Family said...

That is great that you are under contract. It will be sad to see you go, but I understand your situation!! You'll have to keep us all posted on the Potty Trianing. I've decided to wait until after the baby is born to worry about Charile...unless he just up and does it one day (but that really won't happen)!!

Jo (Green) Aldridge said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting. Good luck with the house hunting. Be sure to let us know where you end up!

le said...

Oh Potty training has been the death of me. Its terrible, but I have no regrets with J potty trained, even though he has only pooped in the toilet once! in the last three weeks. I guess a baby sister is hard. He messes his pants right when the baby is screaming or eating.
Congrats about the house. We made a bid for a house. Although ha ha, it only has 2 bedrooms upstairs, I said I wanted three but oh well. It has animal rights and my husband wants chickens. Hopefully you get 3 bedrooms on one floor. Good luck

Traci said...

Congrats on the house and welcome to the hell I mean world of potty training lol. We gave Ana panties and let here wear them and after peeing in them a few times she caught on cuz she didn't like the feeling of wet clothes as far as going #2 thats a whole diffrent story and not a good one, but we are finaly over that fear and I must say its worth every painful minute of potty training!! GOOD LUCK!