Monday, February 23, 2009


Things have been crazy lately. We are supposed to be closing on our home Friday, but alas, dates never seem to work out in real estate. So, today they asked to extend closing to next Tuesday. So, we are crossing our fingers that all goes well and that they still buy our home!

We also have put in two different offers on two homes. One is a short sale, which means that they previous owners are loosing it because they can't afford it anymore. So, we put in an offer and that was two weeks ago, and haven't heard anything. The other house is a foreclosed home. It is bank owned, so it should be a fast sell. We put in our offer last Wednesday, and then on Friday had to put in our 'best' offer. We were supposed to find out today if we won or not, but so far haven't heard anything. So we just have to have patience.

We just hope that we find a good home in a nice neighborhood that we can raise our kids in and make many memories in!


le said...

Shorts sales are anything but short in time. My sister in law spent 8 months in a short sale. We put an offer in a short sale two months ago, and haven't heard anything. They are long processes these days because of the bailout.

Anonymous said...

Good luck you guys! We can't wait to see which house you get and we are super excited for you guys to get the much-needed space you deserve.

Johnson Family said...

Good luck with it all. Patience...isn't it just sometimes so hard to have ANY of? Keep us posted with what happens.

Jo (Green) Aldridge said...

We bought a foreclosure and have heard that they go a lot faster than a short sale. Good luck with it and let us know where you end up!