Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Daddy and Tessa flying kites in the backyard.

Daddy hard at work!

Mommy and the Girls on Easter Day.

They looked so cute in matching dresses! Thanks Grandma!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!


Snacktime, sharing grahams.


Tessa says, "I got her!" Better hold on tight Tessa!

Our future cowgirls.

Another cowgirl and her Daddy.

Swingin' time.

Playing with our friend R.

They had so much fun playing together.

Ashleys first stroller ride without the carseat to sit in.
Her coat is so puffy that she can't even move!

I love this picture and this hat. This was the begining of Jan.

Our family, minus Daddy who is the photographer!

See, I said I had pictures going back forever. Here is Christmas after Santa Claus came.
We used large boxes and stacked the presents up really high so that it looks impressive in the morning.
It helps that our tree is only a tiny little thing!

I am also going to do a post of each girl seprately for the past few months. It's fun to see them grow and change. Look for that in the coming days......

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