Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Progress: Week 4

I had a horrible week this past week with eating right. We went out Thursday to Applebees, I had a small meal, they serve weight watchers meals there. Then we went out for frozen yogurt, but it was sugar free, so that night wasn't horrible. Then, we went to Red Robin Friday night with kirk's family. I had a cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap, with a side salad, but they put tortilla strips on the salad (which was delicious), I thought I was only going to eat half my burger,but with out the bun it just all got eaten because I didn't get filled up as fast as if I had eaten a bun. It was sooo good though. Then, Saturday night (Kirk's bro and family came down for the weekend on Friday, and we went out a lot, which was nice to see them and hang out) I had a triple combination at Sizzler, yes I know, what a pig I was. But kirk said it was valentines day so go for it, because it is my favorite. It is steak, Malibu chicken, and 6 butterfly shrimp, and I had salad bar and steamed veggies with it. So to make up, Sunday I made the healthiest lasagna I know how to make, which is delicious too, but we had Lali's party, so I had cheesecake AND a slice of chocolate cake! I am full of confessions right now! And I had some extra icing because it was homemade and you have to taste it as you make it to make sure it is good. SO, then on Monday when the Trev and Lali left, we all went out to Artic Circle for lunch for the kids to play one last time, and I had a salad, but it had a ton of cheese on it, but I used no salad dressing. Does that make me feel better, to write a bad thing and a good thing, yes, it does make me feel better. And, one last confession, yesterday, I had another piece of that chocolate cake, then threw the rest away (I can't handle the pressure of it sitting there uneaten on the counter), and I had 3, yes 3, of the granny B's frosted pink sugar cookies, each on is like 5 points, and I only get 25 points a day. I can't believe it.

So, after a weekend of eating what sounded good and smelled good, I am having junk food withdrawls again. I thought I had kicked it, but I guess it will always be a battle :(

Anyways, after my list of confessions (not that anyone really cares, but I want you all to know that it is so hard to always be good)
my weigh in report is:

This week - one and a half pounds.
Total for the 4 weeks is - thirteen and a half pounds!

I really got to start exercising. Does typing count? :)


Morrise Family said...

I love those pink cookies! I'm amazed you had the willpower to only eat 3!

le said...

I sure hope typing counts.

By the way, if you are still interested in knowing how to make baby headbands, finally I sort of explained it on my blog

Johnson Family said...

I think it's good to post confessions. I enjoy it anyway and maybe we can support you as you keep going along.

I think you are doing great and just keep it up and I know you'll be glad that you did.

Trevor said...

Ok, Ok.....I will make sure we don't go out to eat next time we come down (it was nice to get out without the kids thought). The kids had a lot of fun that weekend.