Monday, July 12, 2010

Tessa is 4

My dear sweet little girl is growing up. She is now officially 4 years old (and not potty-trained, but we aren't talking about that right now). We had a backyard water party for her bday on Saturday, she loved it. So with that, let the pictures begin...
Blowing out her candles. We had everyone help in the end because
she just wasn't getting it done!
Singing Happy Birthday Song! Look at all the candy, we totally filled these kids up
with sugar and then sent them on their way :)
I love decorating a fun cake for the kids. I want them to always have a f
un and memorable cake, every year. (yes I have issues).

Tessa being grateful for her gifts. I just hope she is always
kind and grateful as she gets older.
This is her friend that used to live next door, they played
all the time last summer on the swingset.
We miss having her next door, she is such a sweet girl.

Group shot with their cool new shades!
We played the "go fishing" game with the sheet behind them.
They all got new sunglasses (that are heart shaped because I bought them
after Valentines day for 75% off for the summer bdays we have!)

Get the candy!!!

Tessa taking a wack at the homemade fish pinata.
I forgot to take photos as I made it, but it was totally easy
and I will probably be making one for Ashley's bday also.
Just a few layers (4) of newspaper dipped in flour paste
to cover a balloon. It probably took a total of 2-3 hours over
a couple of days time. Like the paint?? I was going for cheap
or free with this thing, and this was the only color I had besides
white and black spray paint! but hey, it's simmery!

Ashley's turn!

Bubble snakes. The kids had a lot of fun with this one. Except
both boys sucked in bubbles, and I think one might have puked
a little...opps. It's just a water bottle with the bottom cut off
and a washcloth rubberbanded around the opening. Then dip
in bubble solution or dishsoap water and blow, but only blow
and don't suck, as the boys learned!!

Having a blast with friends!

The pool at the bottom of the slide, this was daddy's idea,
and it was the hit of the party! This is a picture of our
cousin Olivia, I couldn't get on of Tessa because she only
did it once, little chicken girl :)

Tessa, we love you and wish you would stop growing so that you can be my little girl forever :)

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Johnson Family said...

I love the pictures. It looks like you had a great b-day Tessa!! So much fun. I can't believe how big Ashley is.