Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Did you make your bed?

I did!

Well, I made Tessa's bed, not as in fix the blankets, but actually made the bed, painted, sanded, screwed together, etc. And we love it! Tessa picked pink, of course!

And the best part is, it was simple. I went to HD, picked out the board listed in my shopping list, asked them to cut them, which they did, and didn't charge me for :) Then I loaded it all up in my car trunk, went home, got out my cordless drill, and put the bed together, which really only took about 3-4 hours, but this was my first project, so it took a little longer to figure everything out. Now I wish I could say the finishing, you know, the filling of screw holes, sanding, painting, sanding again, painting again, etc only took a few hours, but that would be a lie! This part is a little time consuming becasue you have to wait between each coat/layer, so that means you can only do a little bit each day (I still have kids to pay attention to, you know).

Wonder how I did all this, check out the toddler bed on Knock-Off Wood, my favorite website ever.

Oh, and I also built this table from my neighbors old fence they were ripping out, but I will do a post about it seperately sometime soon!

And the quality assurance team gave it a thumbs up!

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Johnson Family said...

It looks great! I'm excited to see the table. You are amazing!

Rhonda said...

cute bed and even cuter babies!
you are one smart and talented momma.