Tuesday, May 20, 2008

True Love

We have been working with Tessa on saying the long awaited "I Love You." Well, it has been going good, everyday we say "I", and then "Love", and then she yells "You." It's very cute. Then, on Saturday, I say the "I Love" part, and she says "Daddy", but what about Mommy??? She will say Mommy when I prompt her, but she says Daddy first...I am a little sad, but it's still cute. SO, this morning, I put on Baby Einstein Animals for her to watch, and while it's queing up, I say the "I Love" part, and Tessa says "Show"! We do this twice, trying to hold in my laughter, and then the next time she says "TV"! Now we know that she really does understand what love means!


Triston said...

HaHa!!! Kids are so funny they do the funniest things it makes life so great. Addi use to do that, she is a big tease, she would do it cause dad would laugh so I think she liked that she made dad laugh. She will say it sometime. Maybe she is teasing you like Addi use to tease me. Now she does the oppisite and says "I love you, Mommy." when her dad asks her to say dad she keeps saying mom its great.

Kathy said...

Too funny! I know that girl surely does love her TV though! Seems to zone out when it is on...kinda like her grandma!