Monday, June 2, 2008

Nic's Farewell

Nic and I have been through so much. It is sad to see him go. But he is in a better place, a much better place.

Just in case you don't know, Nic is my horse. The one guy I have always loved, before Kirk, of course! In the past few years, I knew it was going to happen, that our time together was growing short. And the day finally came, last week, that we signed the Bill of Sale. Yep, after 13 years, Nic has a new owner.

He now belongs to a very nice 20 year old guy in Provo. And he is an uptown horse now, in his new ritzy stables. I told Kirk that I wouldn't mind living in one of the barns there, that place is very nice. And it is right against the mountain, so they can go out riding on the foothills anytime. I am happy for him though, he needed a new, younger owner to take him out galloping into the sunset, for that is what Nic loved most, running as fast as he can. Now that I am in Mommy-zone, I can't be doing that. I need a nice slow horse that Tessa can learn to ride on, you know, the type of horse that only walks and might get up to a trot if seriously urged to. So, we will begin the search for that horse next spring, after Girl #2 comes out and I recover! But I will miss Nic. I'm just glad he's in a better place.

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Triston said...

Cute. I didn't know you had horses. I love horses maybe we could come over when you get your new one and go for a ride. Addi loves horses.