Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Body Worlds

My mom and I went to Body Worlds on Monday evening. Very cool and not creepy like I thought it might be. I was sure that I might get grossed out seeing real bodies that have been skinned and preserved, but they totally don't look real. They look like plastic, probably because they have been "plasticized". I recommend everyone go see this exhibit, it is a little pricey($22 each, $20 with a coupon), but it's a once in a lifetime experience.

They have every body part available to see. There is a section on smoking, and I don't know how anyone who sees this can continue smoking. They show a set of healthy lungs, and a set of smokers lungs next to each other. The smokers lungs look like charcoal. And they have lungs with emphysema, which I can only describe as this: lungs look as if they might take up about a gallon jug size area. The emphysema begins to remove golf ball sized parts of the lung. Those golf ball sized holes can add up fast, and that would make breathing incredibly difficult.

There is also a baby section. They have babies from 5 weeks up to 35 weeks. It is amazing to see how fast they grow and how insanely small a 5 week fetus is, almost too small to see, almost like the size of a lady bug or maybe a small ant, it's just crazy.

Again, it is a once in a lifetime (ok, maybe you may have another chance years down the road) opportunity. I encourage all to see this exhibit!

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Anonymous said...

oh, that sounds so interesting... if I hear of it coming up here, I'll totally have to check it out.