Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cry Baby

The time has come for Ashley to learn to sleep through the night.  Currently she is waking up about 2, maybe 3, times at night.  At night means from bedtime at around 8-9 pm until 7-8 am the next morning.  So, I am thinking this is a ridiculous schedule.  She is a 6+ month old baby, she weighs over 18 lbs, and she doesn't even eat that often during the day now because she has  2 entire containers of solid foods a day, one for breakfast and one for dinner.  So needless to say, she is not hungry all those times she wakes up at night.  I usually try and nurse her the first time, hoping she will then sleep longer, but alas, it doesn't seem to be working.  She will wake up again, just so that someone will pick her up and cuddle her so she can doze back off.  I love holding her and snuggling her, and I don't' mind getting up to nurse her at some point, but not three times a night.  So... it is time.  Time to learn to sleep.  And she isn't particularly happy about it, but she will be.  She will thank me someday for letting her learn to sleep unassisted (ok, maybe she won't actually thank me, but she will be happy that she can fall asleep easily).  We did this with Tessa, it took her 4-5 nights, and she got with the program and is a great sleeper (as long as she is in her bed at home).

I spoke with the downstairs neighbors, and they said they can't hear a thing, thank goodness.  So, we have the go-ahead to let her cry.  Last night she cried for about 25 mins before Kirk stepped in and rubbed her hair a couple mins.  Then she cried a couple more mins and went to sleep.  But, as our story goes, she was awake in about 2 hours, and then again in another hour... 

 So tonight, cry baby cry, cause mommy wants to be able to sleep again!

ps, she has been sleeping for her nap now for about 20 mins, and woke up and just started crying right this minute, so it begins :)

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Johnson Family said...

Good luck to you!! I will be thinking about you as I will be up about 3 times as well between the hours of 10 and 6.

It will be great when it's over though, that's when you can really enjoy it! Let us know how it goes. :)