Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A New House

I am SUPER EXCITED!  We are signing on a new house today!  We went and looked at a nice home in Ceder Hills and decided to put in an offer, and they sent us a counter offer, and we are taking it!  Yea!  It is going to be so great to have a bigger place.  It is a 4 bedroom, with three bedrooms upstairs, which is something I really really wanted, but thought that in our price range, we may not be able to afford, so I am stoked.  It has 2 1/2 baths, so we will have a master bathroom, and in the kitchen there is a bar, which are other things I didn't think we could afford.  I am just beside myself with excitement.  Anyways, we feel very lucky that this came our way and hope everything works out like it should.  Sometimes inspections bring bad news, so we will be crossing our fingers and hoping that this is our lucky time to find a good home.  

I told Kirk on Monday morning when we went to look at it, that it was our time, because Sunday night I finished unpacking the last box in our apt.  Isn't that how it works???  So soon, I will start packing them up again!

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Johnson Family said...

Ok. I'm so bummed, but so excited for you at the same time!! When are you planned to close on the new house then?

I'm not sure if there is anything I can do to help, but I'll be thinking about it.

Yeah!!!! Things do work out, don't they!