Monday, November 9, 2009

Thinking Ahead

I just spent a few minutes searching for Christmas trees (I am totally ok with a gently used tree)! And all the Christmas decorations made me think of how excited I am for Christmas, I just want it to hurry up and be time to put up Christmas decorations, maybe we will have to start the week OF thanksgiving instead of the weekend after! Anyways, all this looking made me realize that I want to make an advent calendar for the kids. I found this one online, but want to keep looking for other ideas, I still have a few weeks to get it all figured out I guess. Now, I need to start working on some of the homemade gifts we are doing this year, which I can't post because some people that may read this may be on the gift list! I will post them in January :)

I love Christmas!!!!

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A little about me... said...

I know what you mean...I'm already in the Christmas mood. I need to think about our advent calender too. (now that my kids are actually old enough to appreciate one!) I'm glad you like my tree idea. Thanks for your comment! I need to do new leaves for November...I'm so behind!