Monday, September 28, 2009


About two weeks ago, I had been rearranging the garage one evening. While laying in bed, Kirk asked if I had shut the garage door. So I hop out of bed to come down and shut the door, and it's very dark out I notice. So I reach out to push the button for the door, and think to myself that someone could be in the garage and I wouldn't know since it was so dark, so I shut the house door and lock it, just in case, you know. As I switched the lock, I hear a noise behind me, in the family room or toy room (although I am not sure why a burglar would be in the toy room, perhaps stealing our little people collection?). So I quickly, and I mean quickly, run up the stairs to tell Kirk to go check the downstairs. As I am telling him this, I hear a loud crash. I am totally freaked out at this point, absolutely sure we have a burglar, and I have locked him IN our house now. Kirk swears he didn't hear the crash, I don't know now he didn't, but anyways. So we totally check out the downstairs, and then the upstairs. No burglars, and totally puzzled about the crash (which the next day we find out was a super big branch falling off the tree outside the family room window), we go to bed. So I have a dream that night that we had a burglar. In the dream, I am sleeping and wake up, only to see a man in black clothes in our hallway, he notices me sit up and steps into the room Tessa is sleeping in. I can't even talk, all I keep saying in k-k-k-k-k, stuttering Kirk. I was frozen with fear, totally frozen. All I kept thinking was, we don't have any weapons, well, there is a baseball bat, but it's in the garage, and the phone jack upstairs isn't working, so the phone is downstairs too. And Rosco, our big, scary looking with a really deep growl, but gentle as can be Rosco is outside. In dream Kirk says he is going in to confront the guy, or get Tessa or something, and I don't know what to do. I am afraid to go downstairs, because what if there is another burglar (they do go in pairs sometimes) and I am afraid to go outside to get Rosco, because what if they lock me out and Kirk and the girls are inside alone. I know, I have crazy dreams. Anyways, I woke up with a pounding heart, and had a hard time going back to sleep.

So now, lucky for Rosco I have scary dreams, he is happily sleeping in a Crate in our front room, with a great view of the front door and glass door. So, I know, what good is he going to do in a crate?? Well, I have the idea that if someone breaks in and starts coming up the stairs in the dark and hear a very large dog growling that they will quickly turn and go away because they can't see if he is crated or not in the dark. Hopefully we will never have to find out, but I do sleep a little better at night now. Thank you Rosco.

As a side note, Kirk told me last night when I was opening the front door around 9 pm after getting home, Rosco heard the noise and started growling, but then saw it was me and stopped. So Rosco is paying for his keep!

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