Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Girls!!!

My goodness, it has been a long time, and so much has happened. Tessa turned 3 on July 12. Kirk and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary on July 23. Ashley turned 1 on August 27. And lots of other fun things have happened too, I just can't remember all of them right now. So, with that in mind, I will try to start posting things more often. See, the problem with blogging is that Tessa thinks she doesn't need to nap anymore, but Mommy thinks she does. So to get her to nap, I have to lay down with her. Only, it is usually me that falls asleep first and then doesn't wake up until Ashley wakes me up. So, my free time has been drastically cut, but I am much more rested now (or am I? Ashley has been waking up once a night for the past 4-5 weeks).

Anyways, here are a few quick pics to enjoy of the big celebrations. Sidenote, our anniversary wasn't a big celebration. We got a sitter, went out for ribs (yum!), and then walked around a few stores "window shopping" until our 10 pm curfew. So, there are no pics of this great party!! haha.

She blew out the candles before I could even get a picture!
We decorated cloth crowns and tiaras with foams stickers, it was a huge hit!

(and now they are part of the dress-up box we gave her for her birthday!)

Tessa's cake!

The decorations are melted Starburst rolled out flat and cut-out with cookie cutters, super simple and way fun!

The great balloon race.

Tessa was a bit camera shy at her party. Daddy had to hold her tight to catch just one picture. Don't you love the tiara?! :)

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

Party Girls!

Ashely's cake!
So, the story about the cake. Well, it all starts when I spend like 3 hours on Saturday working on her cake (I know, it should look like a wedding cake if I spent 3 hours!) I felt a little bad that we didn't have any glorious presents for Ashley (her toys are from a yard sale, but she loved them anyways, as a side note) so I thought I would try out some fondant and try to make her a glorious cake. Well, after much research, I decided I wanted to make a cake that looked like a present wrapped up, with a big 3-D effect bow on top. Perhaps that was a little ambitious for my first try. So I decorated the cake with the white fondant, and then set about trying to make a bow. It wasn't working out, well, it has to set overnight, but I didn't have any faith that it was gonna set up hard enough to stand up as a bow, so I then undecorated the cake, only to start over, and this is what I ended up with. Still it looked really pretty in real life, I was and still am proud of it, since it was my first fondant try. Now, for Kirk's birthday, he is getting a cake that looks like a present wrapped up!! haha.
Anyways, it didn't really matter about the cake, because Saturday night Ashley is puking, so the Sunday party is off. So we celebrated Monday night, after everyone is feeling better, with just the four of us. The cake was a little 3-days-old by that time, but still ok. Oh, it didn't help that Tessa totally un-decorated the cake Monday afternoon when I was trying to lay Ashley down for a nap. I come into the kitchen and Tessa is next to the cake, saying she's "playing play-dough"! I tried not to be mad, but I was sooo mad, I hadn't taken my pictures yet!!! haha. Long story short, we had fun and that's all that matters!

So excited!

Tessa is a great candle-blower-outer!

Too bad for Ashley it was made out of marshmallows, so she couldn't eat the little circles! But she enjoyed playing with them and squishing them. And don't worry, there was icing underneath!

Yeah for Presents!

Tessa is always a helper!



The Bensons said...

Your cake is awesome! The first made by scratch cake i made was when I was a senior in high school. I had to make it and decorate it for foods class. It looked awesome. After that class I gave it to a couple of guy friends. They were so excited! Well, long story short, the next day they told me they accidentally dropped it while walking to their car after school and it didn't even break. I am not a good cook.

Robert said...

I just have to say I was very impressed by that cake. The kids are very blessed to have you as a mother. I appreciate all that you do for our family. I love how you get so excited over b-days and other events in our family. You are a wonderful mother and wife. We love you mommy.
Tessa, Ashley, Daddy, & Rosco the stinky dog

Johnson Family said...

That cake is awesome!! I love the pictures. Maybe I need to come to a cake making class at your house? :)

Great update!