Monday, October 5, 2009

Got Milk?

Ashley is showing signs of being lactose intolerant, not severely, but when she has had milk or yougurt or even just regular milk based formula, she is up screaming a few times a night. Ugh. I NEVER thought I would have an intolerant kid, because I drink like 2 gallons a week, just by myself, I LOVE milk. So, we have always bought her sensitive formula, which is a little bit more expensive, but she does well with it. The doc suggested that we get her some goats milk, or soy milk. I tried the soy, but she was still fussy a bit, so I tried goat milk, which she seems to really enjoy. Maybe the soy trial went along with teething that week or something, so we might give it another try in a week or so, because, get this, FORMULA IS CHEAPER THAN GOATS MILK! I added it up last night, and we get about 50 more ounces of milk for our $15 with formula than goat milk. Arg!!! I thought when Ashley turned 1 we would switch over to milk for $1.50 a gallon and be saving tons of money, and now, the formula will continue I suppose. So much for saving money, but I it's worth the extra $$ it if my baby will sleep at night and be happy!

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Jared & Tracee said...

that is exactly like R! We found out pretty early that she was intolerant, so we were giving her formula. then when her 1 year old birthday was coming near I got all excited because I kept thinking, yeah all the money we are going to be saving.......yeah that didn;t happen. We tried her on it and she didn't do well on it, so we put her on Lactate(Lactade) and she was on that for another year. now we giver her normal milk and dairy and she seems fine.........So in the whole biography there is hope. It does stink, but it will end!!!