Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take a Walk

Ashley has taken her first steps!

Sunday evening, I was on the phone with my mom, fixing dinner. Kirk and the kids are in the living room. Suddenly, Kirk yells at me "Ashley's walking!" And she was! She would take a few steps to us, and then we would turn her around and she would go back to the other person. Well, this continued for a bit, and then we had dinner and went to the neighbors for a little 3 yr old birthday party. And Ashley kept walking! She probably took about 35 steps that entire night. At one point, she was walking across the room, fell down, stood back up with out touching anything, and just kept walking on! It was like she has known how to walk for ever, and just finally showed us that she knows how. It was super exciting!

Now, she hasn't walked much since, just here and there, she is a much faster crawler and just prefers whatever way lets her keep up best!


Anonymous said...

Yay, that's so exciting! Go Ashley! I wish we could be down there and see her go.

le said...

J walked when he was 14 months. Just as a point of information, its normal for kids with milk allergies to walk later than others.
And yes, I remember goats milk, it is hecka expensive!
(Oh and yeah, I washed the walls in that springville apartment weekly and nothing ever helped.)

Johnson Family said...

Wow, that's exciting. We need to get together so I can see it.

Jared & Tracee said...

I think Ashley's walking is like R's talking. They both know how to do it, they just choose not to!!! But congrats!