Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lagoon Day

Tessa LOVED the boat ride. She rode it 3 times. We stood in line 3 times. And it is a sloooow line. But it was so cute to watch her "drive" the boat and ring the bell. On the boats, again. But this time with an older boy :)
She also rode the Carousal a few times. At the end of the night, Daddy was standing in line for the carousal, and Tessa and I were heading over to join him. We had to walk past the ride to get in line, and Tessa just started crying and wouldn't walk anymore. I bent down and asked her what was wrong, and all she said was "Horsey". I asked her if she wanted to ride the horsies again, and she lit up. She was sooo excited to go again. So maybe she will be a cowgirl afterall.

Tessa petting the horse...

Tessa riding on the whale ride. She wasn't so sure about this at first, but warmed up quickly after she saw us waving and laughing. The funny part is that she is the only kid on the ride, so that really made her nervous!

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Anonymous said...

how fun! How are you guys doing?