Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Update

We had an appt. today. Things are good. Baby is head down, as she should be. But doc still says it will probably be a C section, we have no signs of anything going on to get that baby out. So 14 more days till surgery and then we will be a family of four!

We had a stress test last week, and that was ok also. Tessa was induced because her fluid was really low, and doc says low fluid will probably happen with all my pregnancies because of the history. We got checked, she is at an 11. They want us to be between a 7 and 21, so we are good for now. Tessa's got low about a week before her due date, thus the reason doc has scheduled us a week ahead of our actual due date. The test was kinda nice though, the nurse checked again just to make sure she is a girl (we don't want a surprise!) and she took a few minutes to let us peer at her again. She looked so baby-ish, not alien-ish like at the 20 week ultrasound. When we saw her little calfs, Kirk said it seemed so real, it's like she's holding up her legs for a diaper change. Totally cute little legs.

So, yep, it's getting close!


Anonymous said...

i'm glad everything is still looking good. We'll be praying everything works out the way you want it to.

nava_jo said...

oh how exciting. How fun to see the lil'one while they are so big. Also, its nice that you kind of have a count down so you can prepare for the baby. Keep us informed.

Kathy said...

Hopefully everything will go fine! Don't want Grandma to have as close a call as with Tessa! Especially since we won't be arriving until the 26th! We're really looking forward to coming out.--MOM