Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Update

2 days to go!!! Wow, it has went by so fast. It's strange, because part of me, well, most of me, is tired of being pregnant. But the other part of me is sad that I only have 2 days left to be pregnant. It's odd that I feel that way, but I enjoy feeling girl #2 moving around in my belly. With Tessa, we were so excited for her to come out so we could see her. But this time, since Tessa is here with us, I just kinda enjoy the pregnancy more because I am not as anxious about having baby #2 here right now.

Anyways, tomorrow is cleaning day, then Tuesday I pick up my mother and step-father from the airport. They will be staying with us for the next 2 weeks to help with Baby and Tessa. Then on Wednesday morning at 5:30 am, Kirk and I head to the hospital. At 7:30, we go in to the OR and have our baby girl! How crazy to think that this is all planned out, that we know what is going to happen at every moment. The only thing we don't have planned is her name. We have a few we keep tossing around, the list probably has about a dozen names on it, but we aren't set on anything in particular yet.

So, check in Thursday or Friday for pictures and all the details of Baby Girl #2!


J said...


I'm so excited for you! I'll definitely be thinking about you all day on Wednesday. Take care and congratulations.


nava_jo said...

Yea names are hard. My sister would have a name picked out for her child. Then when the baby was born it just didn't look like the name picked. So maybe when you see the lil'one a name will pop up that just fits!

Anonymous said...


Esmeralda is from Hunchback, you're good!

Natalie said...

Yeah Laura! How exciting! I hope you're feeling well and getting the things done you need! I remember I would get to the "nesting stage" and be so excited to put everything in order, then I would just sleep for hours when I was done! :o)
I am looking forward to more news and baby pictures! :o)