Sunday, July 20, 2008

6 Weeks to Go

Depending on the day, 6 weeks seems like a short time and I start freaking out because I am not prepared to have Girl #2, but on other days, it seems like forever because I am sooo uncomfortable. I woke up 3 times last night. Can't get comfortable, I have a headache all day today, and I can't seem to shake it. And my lower back is way sore. Really, the list keeps going and going. I don't remember being like this with Tessa, but I am sure it was a similar experience, it's just been a while and I don't' remember. But we are on the countdown so it's not going to be much longer.

The doc has set us a preliminary C-section date of Aug. 27. We don't want to have another C if we don't have too, but our chances are pretty high. We start weekly stress tests at 37 weeks to watch our fluid levels (that's why Tessa was induced) and he said if I don't start to show any signs of going into labor, then we will be planning on the C. So, we just keep hoping things go good and we don't need the C. Anyways, this is our pregnancy update for those of you who were wondering how it is going!


amyharrisonphotography said...

It's a good thing that we somehow forget how horribly pregnancy is right...or there would be only single child households out there :o)
My babe is 8 months old and remembering being preggs makes me cringe. I remember it taking me 5 minutes to roll over at night and thinking to myself, "this really shouldn't be that hard!" Hang in there, let me know if there's anything that I can do for ya! I'm totally pumped about the pics- just let me know when you want to do them! Also...I LOVE your playlist...Brad Paisley is my FAVE!!!

amyharrisonphotography said...

me again, I meant to say "uncomfortable" after "horribly". I'm a space case!
P.S. That rocks that you know the Fields- Angela is my sister!

nava_jo said...

Hey Laura, I am so happy you have a blog. Its is such a good way to keep in touch with people. COngrats on lil'one #2 soon to be added to the family. You know I'm not even as far along in my pregnancy as you are, and I get up at night, get headaches and back aches. I think Its just because i'm old. ha ha :) Even with all of that I'm SO happy to be pregnant. :) Give my best to the family!