Monday, July 14, 2008

Tessa is 2!

Tessa turned 2 on Saturday. We stayed up late Friday night putting together her new trike. I reminded Kirk that this is the begining of many years of staying up late putting toys together! But Tessa loved it. We sat it out in the living room so she would see it first thing. Kirk carried her out and she saw it and said "Bike" and was sooo excited. Very cute. She ran over and climbed on and proceeded to try to reach the pedals, which was in vain because her legs are still a little too short to touch both pedals at the same time. She quickly learned how to ring the bell, so she would climb on, ring the bell, then turn around and say bye-bye to us. Today, we took the trike out for her first ride around the block. She made it almost all the way around the block before she wanted off to help push (We spent a little extra to get a trike with a push handle for me!).

We were supposed to go over and have cake with her cousins on Sunday night, but Tessa is getting her last set of molars in, and had a runny nose and watery eyes and drooling mouth, so we decided to pass on the socializing. She is young enough that she doesn't know she missed out anyways. So we stayed home and watched the "puppy show" (101 Dalmatians) almost 3 times, and she thought that was great, cause she doesn't get to watch a lot of TV usually.

Saturday evening we took Tessa to the water park. It was nice, but not $25 nice. She would have had just as much fun at the regular old pool for $3. We had discounted tickets, so it wasn't too upsetting, but now we know to wait a few years before we take her back and pay the high price! But she enjoyed climbing on the stairs of the kiddie pool, then jumping off the bottom step. Of course she could touch where she jumped to, but she thought she was a daredevil!

All in all, it was a good weekend and she had a good birthday!

She can't reach the pedals, but she does have pegs!


Anonymous said...

YAY, happy belated b-day Tessa!

Triston said...

Sounds like a fun time, Happy b-day late Tessa. Its funny how the little things entertain them more than the expensive things.

Mel said...

Hi. I saw your blog on Traci's & wanted to say hello. Congrats on Tessa turning 2 & congrats on #2. Hope all is well with you guys.