Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who doesn't love a good backrub?

Today I put Tessa down for her nap just like usual. We rocked a few minutes, then I asked her if she wanted to lay down, she said yes, so I put her in her crib on her back and laid her blanket on her. She rolled over to her stomach right away and started pointing to her back and saying "Back, back". I asked her if she wanted me to rub her back, and she said yes! So I spent a minute rubbing her back. She just laid there silent as could be, enjoying the moment. Kirk says he wants all girls, but I don't know if he has thought about all the back rubbing he will have to do over the years... :)

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Anonymous said...

So true :)

Oh, I tried to download some pics from your site, but, well, can't figure it out. HELP!