Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Wonderful Husband, Part 2

I believe I may be the luckiest girl ever. Yes, I am quite sure of it. Kirk is such a good husband. He takes very good care of me. Tuesday, he told me he had made me another apppointment for Wednesday, and that he lined up one of our favorite babysitters to come over so I could go without concerns of Tessa. So, what did he do?? He made me an appointment to get a massage and a pedicure, because I have been so sore and I can't reach my feet very well anymore! (this may have had something to do with me asking him to rub my back every night too!). But none-the-less, he made the appointment and I fully enjoyed it. AND, to top it all off, he stopped by the spa an hour before me to drop off flowers and a card! Is he not just the most thoughtful man ever?!! I love him so much, and I sincerly believe that I am the luckiest girl ever!

A nice lady having her toes painted 'glittery purple' took this for me so I can always remember the day.
Boy do I look 8 1/2 months pregnant!


Kathy said...

Yes, he is a great guy! You lucky, lucky girl!

Traci said...

Tell Kirk he is so cheezy!! BUT seriously thats so awesome that he thinks of those things for you, I'm needing a pedicure and soon as well. I want my feet to look nice in those stirups as I push the baby out hahahaha You look good girl, not much longer to go, but of course this is the part of pregnancy that feels like its never going to end ugh!!