Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Wonderful Husband

Our anniversary is coming up on Wednesday, July 23. 5 years. Seems so to have gone by so quickly, yet 5 years is quiet a while, I mean, we were only in high school for 4 years, and that was forever! So, last Wednesday evening, Kirk told me I had an appointment the next morning and that he had set up with his Sister to babysit Tessa. He is so thoughtful and sweet. I feel so lucky to have such a good husband. He had set up an appointment to have my hair done. I got highlights (which I haven't had in like a year), a cut (which I was needing), and my eyebrows waxed (which I have always wanted to have done). It was nice. This Wednesday evening, we are going to dinner, and then maybe Friday we will go out without Tessa to celebrate our 5 years. Wow.

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nava_jo said...

Wow Kirk, that was very thoughtful! I'm impressed. And Laura we need pics of the highlights! It feels nice to be pampered once in a while huh. :)