Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girl after my own heart

Last night, I had Tessa help me make some chocolate pudding. I told her if she ate all of her dinner, spaghetti, that she could have some dessert. We never do an actual dessert, like a totally planned out item. So, in an effort to have Tessa eat better I have decided to add dessert to the daily menu. Probably just something small, like chocolate pudding, because I don't need any leftovers of chocolate lying around! :)

So, we made pudding, but forgot to give it out, for a couple reasons. I was still feeling sick from my round of the stomach flu, so I went to bed a little early and forgot to offer the pudding, and reason two is that the girls and Daddy came downstairs as soon as dinner was over to watch some more great dance scenes from Snow White. (It is a DVD with only dance scenes on it, just little 3 minute clips, and yes, we watch the same on OVER AND OVER, but they love it, it also came with a princess book)

Back to the pudding, so today I gave the girls their pudding after eating ALL their lunch. Well, Tessa ate hers and put her bowl in the sink (good girl) and Ashley pretty much worked on her pudding for about 20 mins. Finally she came walking over towards the sink with bowl and spoon and chocolate everywhere. So I grabbed the bowl and spoon and started to work on cleaning up all the chocolate. Well, she promptly tried to run away so I wouldn't take her bowl, then threw herself onto the floor for a full blown tantrum. Pretty much her first real kicking screaming tantrum that I have seen! And all over a little chocolate :)

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