Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have decided that it is time. Time to lose some weight. There are lots of reasons why, and it definitely is time. So, last week I got out my Weight Watchers books and charts and info, and started keeping track. It's been one week, and so far 4 lbs. But it's hard to tell, because I can't remember what part of the day I weighed myself last week, because weight fluctuates during the day. I am now going to weigh every Wed before breakfast, so I am keeping my fingers crossed and eating my salads! :)

By the way, 8 days and not one piece of chocolate, or actually not one piece of anything sweet, besides oranges and bananas!


The Bensons said...

If I quit eating chocolate I would lose probably 20 pounds. I LOVE IT... I am sure you remember that.:)

Robert said...

Now I understand why we had so many salads this week and the general grumpiness which came from the chocolate withdrawls. I guess I am also on a diet and not having sweets to.

Melissa D said...

I went off chocolate entirley for three weeks in Oct. I lost no weight...however i felt really good all the time! I am thinking of doing it again in Feb.

Good for you!!

Johnson Family said...

I might have to take this for some inspiration of my own. I haven't been doing well in that area for awhile.

Good luck in your goals. Keep up the good work!!