Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ramblings from the husband

When we bought our house here in Cedar Hills we decided to cut back on a lot of unnecessary bills. This meant getting rid of cellphones and cable TV. Luckily our contracts were up for both of those so we didn't have to pay any expensive cancellation fees. Laura got herself a pay as you go Cricket cellphone which has worked out nicely. She now pays roughly around a month instead of $60 something with our old plan. I like her having a phone with her in case she needs help with car problems and such.
We have Internet since I often VPN into my office computer and work a little from home when needed. So last night I'm sitting in front of the computer with ESPN gamecast on so I can watch the updates for the Fiesta Bowl with Boise State and TCU playing while doing some work. I'm thinking something is wrong with this set up.
I bought a little 7 inch portable TV so I could walk around the house and find the best location to erect my 500 ft digital antennae. I have since found out that we get 3 stations. 2 Spanish stations and some sort of Christian station which is even cheesier than the 700 Club with Pat Robertson. Sorry if I offended any 700 Club fans. So I either need to learn Spanish and start enjoying Spanish soap operas or I can watch TV evangelists preaching fire and brimstone one minute and crying repentance the next. Haven't decided on which one I prefer yet. I may become desperate enough to sit on my camping chair on the hill behind our house tomorrow night to see if the reception is better there.
So I realized something this past week. We didn't have cable in our first house either until after Tessa was born. Laura finally decided if she was going to be up in the middle of the night nursing then she deserved to be able to watch TV without the rabbit ears. I was of course in full agreement. So along came dish network and the glorious DVR.
So I'm thinking it's time we have another child. I know what you're thinking......that's pretty expensive way to get cable TV but in this economy I may not get a raise for awhile so this might very well be my only choice. So keep checking in on the posts to see if there is any news but I'm predicting no cable TV at the Johnson home for a few years but hey I can try right?
I enjoy our home and love that Laura and the kids think it's a great place. I am beginning to understand about the sacrifices my parents made for me and my siblings.
Truth be known I think I'm more productive without TV. There is a high likelihood I wouldn't be typing this if I had cable TV. Oh and by the way does anybody have extra space on their couch Thurs. night for the Texas vs. Alabama game?


nava_jo said...

Joseph and I have been with out cable our entire married. We watch most everything Online. Joseph just bought these cables that will hook our laptop to the TV, so now I get to watch and do my work online on the big screen. I know the cables can cost alot at times. We just searched for good prices online. Maybe that will help. I know it is nice to stream some play lists of Seasame street for Yo'sea in the mornings. :) Good luck.

Anonymous said...

We watch everything online. Do I miss my DVR, heck yeah, but I will admit that hulu and netflix have become, almost, just as good. If we had tv and lived closer, I'd so let you come over for the game on Thursday (not that that really helps).